Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maquette and Lighting

I really like to keep this blog very character-related, so my studies in other areas have delayed my chances to update this (and make sure I keep up on practice). 

I reposed a character I made in a previous post for a maquette. It's nice how much my maquette teacher is pushing me to display the emotion of a scene, it's really helping my acting abilities. This piece is still a WIP for me, at least more so than every other piece.

I'm also in a lighting class that I'm going to use to try to develop this small animated short I've been kicking around. I plan on getting to a lot of the animation finsihed in the summer. Here's a small WIP thumbnail.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Character practice over Winter break

Here's a few projects and sketches I attempted over break. If a picture says "CHoW" on it, it just means I submitted it to this forum that does a "character of the week" contest every week here.

Head Sketches
Just for reference, I did the more realistic heads after watching a gnomon video on male heads inspired me to try some, it really helped capture the more realistic side of my imagination.

Post-Apocalyptic Santa

Spider Queen "Lolth"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Pitch Bible: Space Temples

Sorry for the short delay, but here is my final pitch bible for my Character's and Environments class at the College for Creative Studies. I will continue to update this blog with any of my spare character goodness.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Space Temple Sketches

Here's some sketches I've made for important characters in the sidescroller: Space Temples (working title).

Rough Props, value paints

Space Temples Story notes

These are just some rough notes I'm writing for myself about the game, please excuse my word vomit.

Name Meanings
Arnaldo: Spanish form of Latin Arnoldus, meaning, “eagle power”
Quauhtli: Aztec name meaning, “eagle,” pronounced ‘kwaw tlee’
Herminio: Spanish form of Latin Hermanus, meaning, “army man”
Coatl: Aztec name meaning, “Serpent,” pronounced ‘kwa tl’
Citlalmina: Aztec name meaning “shooting star,” pronounced ‘seet lahl mee nah’
Tlaloc: Aztec name meaning “of the earth; he who causes growth,” pronounced ‘tlah LOK’
Yaotl: Aztec name meaning, “war; rival,” pronounced ‘yahotl’

Story Elements
Protagonist’s given name is Arnaldo, prophesized by the Aztecs as Quauhtli.
A small group of Aztecs harnessed the life force of 80,400 prisoners during the sixth construction of Tempolo Mayor. As they bathed the temple in blood, their kind advanced to the heavens, reconstructing their society in the void of space, in order to protect their culture from the Spanish Conquistadors.
Much later after modern day, when the technology for firearms have long passed any tech that would make swords useful, the Spanish thirst for land has risen in the form of Herminio, the game’s main antagonist. After a large galactic war between the Spanish and space pirates, the Spanish celebrate by building a large cruise line similar to the titanic.

However, Herminio has kept his eye closely on a strange large asteroid cluster discovered during the war. Herminio plans to build a small, but powerful drill-ship that will allow him to penetrate the asteroid cluster safely. But, Herminio has very little time, so he must finish the construction of his ship on the lower deck of the Terimino, keeping the escape vessel launchers pointed at his desired destination.

Arnaldo, the last son in a family of five, all of whom come from a long line of gifted swordsman. Due to the army’s cuts to swordsman brigades and sword production, Arnaldo and the rest of his family were forced to take up less honorable jobs. Arnaldo, taking the role of a janitor aboard the Terimino, sees Herminio, the Spanish general, and his cadets. This saddens him deeply and his surprise becomes, less than surprising. He drowns his sorrows away in samples of scotch, tequila, rum, and whiskey.

In his drunken state, Arnaldo climbs down to the lower deck and boards one of the escape vessels claiming, “I wanna go home, dis stuff isn… it aint right.” With the direction of the vessel pointed towards the cluster, Arnaldo shoots straight out, and by some miracle slips though an open spot just fast enough that he cannot be hit. Upon arriving, he goes through the double jump level. And at the beginning of the next temple, he is taken by a shorter “eye-guy” who turns out to be an Aztec villager in disguise (Aztec name for flower, the big, dimwitted brute).  Arnaldo is dropped of at the village, where het meets Tlaloc, the elder. The elder rips of part of his shirt, revealing his family crest tattoo. This sparks discussion of the prophecy.

Long story short, Arnaldo goes through the temples discovering God-given abilities that allow him to manipulate time and space. The change in gravity on particular materials allows him to render guns ineffective, bringing the playing field for all human enemies down to a mere sword fight. However, Arnaldo must free the Aztecs from more than the Conquistadors, he has to deal with the Eye-Guy race, which seek to exterminate anything that comes within temple walls. Tlaloc’s daughter, Citlalmina, acts as a helping guide for Arnaldo throughout the game. The second to last boss is Herminio. The last is the Queen/King Eye.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Devil and the Three Golden Hairs (Progress)

For this assignment, I have to create a working pitch for an animation or game based of a Grimm fairy tale. I was given The Devil and the Three Golden Hairs, which I have turned around to 64 Golden Hairs, a 3D platforming game.

 In the exposition of the game, you wake up at a mill, with a letter from the king on your doorstep, he asks you to quickly rush the letter to the kingdom of  Bop-Land. Little does Stan (the protagonist) know that he is of Boplandian descent, for he was cast down the river by the King at a very young age in a box that the mill-owners have kept for him since. Stan uses the box as an inventory space, of which can hold up to 64 items. However, the last quest you receive from the king is to retrieve 64 golden hairs from the Devil, knowing this would take up your inventory space and (hopefully) cause you to die.

Stan makes his way across the river, fighting off the usually Devo robbers that plague the land.
Upon your arrival to Hell, only the Devil's grandmother is home. She makes a deal with you, explaining that his hair is always falling out around the house because of him constantly dying and treating his hair. She proposes you immediately retreat a mile from the area, because of the Devil's keen sense of smell for human flesh.

As you are just far enough away, Grandma Satan steps outside and blows a great gust of wind upon the 64 hairs that she had scavenged across the house, which then blow the hairs all across Bop-Land and a few into the forest.

After performing many quests for villagers who have become obsessed with the golden hairs, Stan finally gathers all but one golden hair. With his inventory filled up, he can only afford to hold one weapon or useful item, making the path to the last hair extremely difficult.

Upon his arrival to the top of Mount Jovi, he meets with James, the Devil. Even though this task seems impossible, the player will have to think of something that's more obvious- the Devil's a grandma's boy!
Stan then plucks a hair from the Devil, who then begins to sob, calling for his grandma and runs off.